Looking through the window,
I saw a little ship sailing on
The waters of my imagination.
It was carrying a gorgeous mermaid
To the shore of reality.
She laughed, and her joy
Brought light to the eyes of a young man
That was lying on the sand.
Although his broken heart
Could not be mended,
It was brought to life
And started beating again.
The girl he loved had given her heart
To someone who really deserved it.
She was gentle and kind,
And thinking of her filled his heart
With a mixture of hope and despair.
When he realized, the mermaid
Was standing staring at him.
She could see the emptiness
Of his soul and the madness
Of his useless dreams.
How could he, who loved so much,
Be so loveless?
She took his hand, closed her eyes
And kissed him so tenderly that,
In his imagination, he could swear
He was kissing his sweet love.

Sisi Marques

Obs.: Na 1ª Parte de Realidade Mágica – livro 3 (20 Anos Depois), Mirela, uma sereia, apaixona-se por Tadeu.

Sisi Marques

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Adoro escrever e amo este blog. As histórias só florescem quando um coração generoso se abre para recebê-las. Quando não há alguém para ouvi-las, elas não desabrocham e morrem na terra do esquecimento. A sua audiência há de transformar este blog num imenso e perfumado jardim. Obrigada.
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