Do you remember our little dragon
Looking for the children’s imagination?
I saw him the other day
Listening patiently to the blond elf:
He loved her so much and he was so jealous!
How could he say to the woman he loved
Not to see her dearest friend anymore?
He knew her love was true…
It was hard to understand how
She could adore him and at the same time,
So sweet and shy, confess she insisted on
Kissing her best friend!
Cibele loved kissing Tadeu.
That was the truth.
And she didn’t seem to care whether
Those kisses could drive him mad.
Cibele was adorable.
She was unique.
She was his only love,
And he would rather die than
Losing her. Die! Of course,
He was exaggerating
Because he was immortal.
But living without love
Was his greatest fear.

Sisi Marques

About Sisi Marques

Adoro escrever e amo este blog. As histórias só florescem quando um coração generoso se abre para recebê-las. Quando não há alguém para ouvi-las, elas não desabrocham e morrem na terra do esquecimento. A sua audiência há de transformar este blog num imenso e perfumado jardim. Obrigada.
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